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Terranovis Pty Ltd
Privacy Act 1988
Privacy Compliance Statement

Terranovis Pty Ltd is bound by the National Privacy Principles. The following Policy Statement details the processes and procedures that have been introduced to support and enhance our current Privacy Policy.

Privacy Statement
We will only collect information to enable us to provide a financial service or real estate service to you. This information will include:

  • applications for investment made by you;
  • dividends paid to you;
  • details of your bank account for the payment of dividends to you;
  • Your contact details;
  • Copies of contracts of sale or offers and information pertaining to real estate transactions.

    All information collected as part of the normal ongoing business operating as a financial services provider will be held within a secure and safe environment. Only authorised agents of Terranovis Pty Ltd will have access to this information at various levels on a "needs to know basis". Some of this information will be made available to service providers contracted by Terranovis Pty Ltd or engaged by you to obtain finance or complete a real estate transaction on your behalf. Some of the services may include:

  • auditing of company records;
  • maintaining a share registry;
  • provision of accounting services;
  • provision of compliance services;
  • settlement agents acting for the seller of a property where you are the buyer and settlement agents working for you when you are buying property;
  • finance brokers acting on your behalf.

    If we are contacted by a financial institution or builder who claims to be acting on your behalf and they are able to provide sufficient details to satisfy us that they are genuinely acting on your behalf, we will provide such details as they reasonably request so that they can prepare your finance application or building plans. You may access any of this information to check its accuracy, detail or correction, by applying in writing to the Privacy Officer in the first instance. The information contained within any information source held by Terranovis Pty Ltd will only be modified when the party requesting the information has been fully identified and the modification authorised by the Privacy Officer or his/her nominated agent. Personal information may only be disclosed that is required under a State or Commonwealth Law or upon the written authorisation of the client. Only the specific information requested will be provided. All information gathered electronically through Terranovis Pty Ltd website will be treated as confidential and private to ensure compliance with the Act and is subject to the above conditions. All staff members have been made aware of this compliance statement and all reasonable steps will be taken to protect the information stored within any data base, electronic or hard copy.
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